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You may already be thinking “Wait, what? Don’t companies hate getting products sent back? Isn’t that just another headache to them?” On the contrary – it’s company time and money well-spent. You see, a warranty is so much more than just a quick fix to a manufacturing slip-up.

We know how tempting it can be to jump in with your tools at hand and apply some DIY tactics to save time and hassle. But as we are all painfully aware, the moment you pop open the defective unit, your warranty goes out the window along with any chances of a free repair.  And you’re not the only one who misses out.

When you utilize the warranty of a product, you are actually helping yourself, helping the company you bought it from, helping that company’s vendors… The chain can go on and on. We love to see our customers taking advantage of our product warranties, and we want to share with you just why we encourage it.


What sort of warranty are we talking about?

No frills, no fancy jargon, no “added warranty” sales pitches here. We’re talking about your basic comes-free-with-the-product brand of repair/replacement plan.  Your typical warranty will include a guarantee to fix factory defects within an allotted time after you purchase or receive it, as long as the damage didn’t occur outside of the product’s intended use. (You know, like dropping your smartphone in the sink, or using your computer’s CD drive as a cup holder.)  At Meyer EMS, our standard product warranty lasts for one year after you’ve received your circuit board assembly.



Well, we’ll state the obvious end goal upfront: We want you to be happy with your product. We take a lot of pride in our work, as we know other companies do, and want to provide you with the best quality we possibly can. On top of that, we don’t think you should have to carry the risk of losing money on faulty products. If we’re guaranteeing your order’s quality, we’re ready to take that risk for you.

But hey, you came here to find another side to this story, not another sales pitch. So, let’s jump right into how this all looks from the manufacturer’s side.



1. We Have a Better Shot at Fixing It

In our experience, there are daring souls out there who will take it upon themselves to repair a faulty circuit board assembly. Now, if the warranty is already expired, that’s one thing. But occasionally people will try to repair something still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty hoping to speed things up. Oftentimes, this ends with a product that later comes back to us in a mangled state that is far more difficult to repair. (Of course, the attempt voids the warranty as well.)

However, if we get the unit back in the same state in which we shipped it out, we typically have the proper know-how, tools and parts on-hand to make quick work of the error. This means we are able to turn around a product you can be confident will work.

2. We Learn From It

Not only does a warranty-covered return make it easier for us to repair – it also allows us to learn from our mistake. When we repair an assembly, our team gets the chance to analyze it. The details we learn during the process help us improve future builds by avoiding the same mistakes or recognizing subpar materials.

The opportunity also lets us inform our customers of potentially damaging everyday factors such as harsh environments that could be negatively affecting the product. Additionally, we may be able to offer new technical insights for improvement during the customer’s product redesigns.

3. We Can Keep Records

Every manufacturer has some form of competition. And to compete, we have to know our own weak points and strengthen them.  By using your warranty, you’re actually helping us stay ahead of the game!

Warranty returns help us track up-to-date issues with our manufacturing and training processes. They also help us provide feedback to our own vendors so that every aspect of our PCB assembly service stays top-notch. Every improvement we can make helps keep costs down and quality up.

4. It Keeps Us at Our Best

There is one thing every single manufacturing business has in common: people. We learn, we train, we succeed, we fail, and we learn some more. A chance to take care of a warranty repair is a chance for our people to improve their abilities. Circuit board assembly skills are like any other skill set– we have to use them consistently and correctly to keep them sharp!

5. A Chance to Regain a Customer’s Trust

It’s no secret that when someone gets a bad product, they feel ripped off and rightly begin considering alternatives. We, like anyone else, would never want to drive someone away from our company. When you send a warranty request to us, it’s a chance for us to get it right, and with any luck, win back a little of your trust.



So there you have it. It may seem like companies are trying to give you a hard time by dodging their warranty promises – and let’s face it, some of them do. But whether they recognize the benefits or not, your warranty request helps those retailers, manufacturers, and everyone in-between step up their game, rise above their competitors, and deliver you a better product both right now and in the future.

Have you been on the receiving end of warranty requests?  How has it improved your company?  Let us know in the comments below!

Chris Meyer has been in the electronics manufacturing game for over 15 years. He’s been involved in assessing warranty returns and processes, and has seen firsthand how a company can use the opportunity to improve their quality and relationships with customers.
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